Instagram Bot: How To Promote Your Account From Scratch?

For the average user, Instagram is an ordinary social network where you can talk about yourself, share your impressions, or upload images of your life. For a tradesman, such an application is a convenient tool for a stable income.

The success of a business on social networks dramatically depends on the degree of account popularity, which is characterized by the number of followers and likes. Self-promotion of Instagram is quite a painstaking task, so many users employ the services of Social Media specialists who promote your Instagram account on a professional level.

Followers are the bases of the Instagram page, so all promotion is focused on their attraction and interaction.

Notice, spammy followers don’t benefit the account; in this matter, the target audience plays a key role, which is interested in new posts, sharings, saved, and comments. Today we’ll talk about this segment of users.

I will tell you how to build the algorithm of your actions to achieve a positive result for a month and start earning on your account. Spoiler: with the help of the Instagram bot!

Why should you start your promotion on IG?

IG is an ideal place for promotion your blog/brand/company.

Let’s look at the statistics! According to the Rew Research Center, near 17 percent of total users over the age of 18 check your IG feed on a day-to-day basis. A demographic core of IG auditory is young people between the ages of 18 and 29. It is about millennials who usually decide to buy something driven by social networks. With a gender dimension, girls dominate on Instagram. Instagram users actively use this photo-sharing app: near 57 percent check your Instagram once a day, 35 percent check your Instagram feed several times a day.

The publication Hopes&Fears makes simple and clear arguments in favor of using Instagram to promote your business:

  • Haute Future online clothing store attracts about 80% of shoppers through Instagram.
  • The buy-by-me resale store attracts 65% of customers through Instagram.
  • The handmade store, represented by the founder KK, attracts first-timers exclusively through IG.

Certainly, these figures are not derived from a study with a representative sample. Rather, we are talking about examples that confirm the ability to use Instagram to promote business on the Internet effectively.

Where to start an Instagram promotion?

Your main task is the audience falling in love in your product or service. What should you do to capture fresh followers? Bingo! Сreate the account! Looking ahead, your glorified acc, like a perpetual motion machine, will promote yourself. But to gain excellent results, you need to hard work and automate some tasks such as liking, following, commenting, Direct messaging, and Post Scheduling processes with the help of the best Instagram bot.

By creating the account, follow the next tips:

  • The main goal of your profile is the conversation and attracting the targeted audience. So, all posts should be interesting for your potential and current followers.
  • Your content should be unique. Forget about the “copy-paste” function.
  • The image of your post should complement the essence of your captions. Your captions should reveal the nature of your image.

Don’t believe in instant popularity, even if gurus of promotion promise that your page gets into a TOP overnight. Auto-liking or auto-following (by using an Instagram bot) can be short-lived. Our task is to start the engine and pour gasoline from time to time.

One of the most popular questions I get is, “What is a glorified account?” Time and time again, I repeat that the first indicator of fame is the number of followers and constant growth of page visits. Some social media specialists reckon that Instagram fame starts with two thousand of followers. It’s a minimum indicator of IG popularity that can bring you first money.

How to run an IG acc to become freaking popular?

1, 2, 3… Click on the Instagram promotion button!

  1. Create a short username.

By logging, searching, and tagging, you use the username. The simpler and shorter the nickname of the profile is, the easier it will be to remember and find it in the search.

Try to choose short nicknames that match the name of the business or reveal its essence. For example, flowers.NY is suitable for a company delivering flowers in New York, and coffee is associated with a coffee shop. If the most suitable nickname is used, dot or underline will come to the rescue. For example, or cakes_az will indicate profile geography.

The examples of account with good usernames:

@thebodyshop – the brand name and the username are the same.

@designsbyahnnyc – the mix of profession and location

The set of technical nuances:

IG prohibits the use of www//

IG limits the number of characters – to 30 characters.

  1. Create attractive BIO

A BIO block is a showcase. It is a great opportunity to attract new visitors to your profile. How to make an Instagram BIO section awe-inspiring? First of all, you need to choose the photo and write description. For example, photography with nature is suitable for travel bloggers or travel agency, and a logo with hands in the namaste position is ideal for a yoga studio or meditation center.

“The Instagram BIO serves as a storefront showcase – it should seduce your followers look inside.”

If you don’t have any ideas about your BIO description, you can read the article called “How to crank out Good Instagram Bios?”. A big dose of inspiration is guaranteed.

Instagram profile description is limited to 150 characters. What can you write about yourself in BIO?

  • Your profession
  • Something about your product
  • Special offer
  • Contact details
  • URL-link
  • Personal hashtags

A well-designed profile header gives an a full-fledged idea about your profession, product, or service.

If the Minimum Programme is done, you will supplement your Bio by an unusual font with the help of different sites such as lingojam. com or sprezzkeyboard. com. 

  1. Choose the mood and color of the newsfeed.

Before deciding what the design of Instagram will be, determine the general style of the company and try to choose visual associations for it. You can be inspired by analogies in the accounts of famous brands:

It is important to determine the mood at the start because the following steps depend on it: the choice of photos, filters, and fonts.

Most cool Instagram accounts follow not only mood, but also the color scheme. This helps maintain order on the page and accustom followers to the profile format. 

@minimalstreetstyly is minimalistic account – a neutral background, natural light, and calm colours.

At the same time, the profile of the artist Tasha Alakoz looks like the exact opposite of minimalism – bright colors, circles, stripes, and provocations. 

It is important that the color scheme and mood of the profile coincide with the age and interest of the audience. 

  1. Create a visual grid

How to design a page on Instagram to make it beautiful and interesting? The grid will help with a scheduling of posts. Notice, that you can the plan posts with the Instagram Bot designed by Ingramer team. Huh, Ingramer is something more than standard liking, following, and commenting. With the help of this Artificial Intelligence, you can perform your duties on autopilot. 

A grid can be based on the genre of photography. For instance, when a portrait alternates with a landscape, or on the type of content: posts with quotes alternate with photos without them.

Decide what you want to make content about. Select 3-5 types of publications and alternate them in your profile. This can be a photo of goods, reviews, stories, or just beautiful photos on your topic.

  1. Use hashtags and follow them.

With the popularity of Instagram, the potential of hashtags plays an increasingly important role for people to communicate and promote their business. You can use tags to indicate the category of photo and its affiliation.

Why should you use hashtags?

  • Self-presentation;
  • The actualization of the text;
  • Promotion of products and services;
  • Account navigation. ⠀

It seems that to write hashtags is an easy process, but several rules help you to promote your account on a high level. Read the article called “Case-story: How To Build a Fashion Community Via Trending Hashtags” and you will know how to make your Instagram promotion more effective. 

Your goals when you create the account?

  1. Arouse the interest of visitors
  2. Turn usual visitors into followers
  3. Keep your followers
  4. Turn followers into loyal clients

To be successful on Instagram, you need to post high-resolution photos and super-cool captions on an ongoing basis. But in addition, you need to engage with your followers – like, comment, follow via Instagram like bot, Instagram follow bot, and Instagram comment bot. 

Instagram Bot is ideal when…

At the initial stage of Instagram promotion, it is very important to create the appearance of active communication. Real followers will most readily follow the page with tons of likes, comments, and followers. Therefore, at the start of the promotion, bots can have a positive impact on the behavioral factor of users.

Proven ways to get live followers on Instagram

So, we have come to the solution of the actual issue: how to get real followers on Instagram. There are several options:

  1. like, follow, and comment manually;
  2. delegate tedious responsibilities to Instagram bot 

Let’s start with the “manual” option. This way is extremely time-consuming. You need to find your target audience, follow and wait for a response. If feedback is established, you will continue to communicate with the follower via likes and comments. If you did not wait for a response, you have full powers to unfollow.

When searching for a target audience, do not follow accounts with a ton of followers. You will not get a response from such users and just waste your time. Give preference to beginners, and those who have more following than followers. Such people are in an active search and will willingly contact with you.

When you promote your Instagram, it is very important to know how long it will take to create an impressive base. On the day, you should analyze and follow at least 30-40 users. According to statistics, only 30% of users contact, so only 10 requests will be approved. To get the first thousand followers, you will have to work for three months.

Use or not to use a manual method is your choice. If you have free time, such a promotion will be productive.

Now let’s talk about Instagram bots! An Instagram bot is a service developed for liking, commenting, and following at a high volume. Such services’ mission is to ramp up promotion on Instagram and automate routine actions. There are imperative reasons for having an auto like Instagram bot. 

  • Impact at a high level

Interaction with IG users in the form of like, comment, and follow is the most organic manner to receive a lot of eyeballs. Needless to say that the highest exposure is an extremely important condition in the crowded atmosphere of Instagram. 

With the help of an Instagram bot, you can like, follow, and comment pages of uses to encourage them to visit your gallery. 

  • Instant growth

As we mentioned above, you attract users’ attention through massive (with correct setup) liking and following. More people will check the page after receiving like or follow requests. And they will turn your favor back if your account represents the range of their interests. The growth that is real and you are observing it every hour. 

  • Real and genuine followers

Certainly, you can buy your followers or likes. But what are the results? You get the only attractive number without genuine followers and sales. The Instagram bot will help you to look for real followers interested in your product or service. What you need to do is to set up your promo campaign. Hope, you know your customers – their age, gender, location, interests, political opinions, and shopping behavior. 

  • Saving your time

We believe that you have more important responsibilities than like, comment, and follow. Delegate your routine work to the updated Instagram bot and focused on your content. Encourage your visitors and turn them into loyal clients. 

In conclusion

As you understand, your task on Instagram (if you are an entrepreneur or blogger) is to search for users and turn them into dedicated followers that are ready for interacting with your brand. An Instagram bot helps you to catch new followers. The rest is the question of your content. With the help of an Instagram bot, you can force the issues and ramp up your promotion on Instagram even if you are a beginner. 

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