Instagram Hashtags: Find Them Automatically

When it comes to making an Instagram caption, you might get stuck when picking or guessing hashtags. I bet you spend a lot of time when picking them, and it’s not always helpful. The solution is here – automated and robust Hashtags finder by Toolzu. This service offers precise and targeted hashtags research, AI-search, which helped to uplift my promotion. But also you need to know crucial rules on how to combine hashtags properly. 

In this guide, you will discover the foremost insights on using hashtags and a tutorial on the best tool to do research. Let’s start and boost your posts impression. 


3 insights you need when hashtagging

A – Relevance 

This bullet point might seem obvious, but I see many people ignore it till now. You should include only those hashtags that are associated with the content you upload. Moreover, you need to exclude widespread hashtags like #people, #friends, #day. The issue is –  people won’t start following these hashtags. So, do you really need them, or they just waste your caption space? These irrelevant hashtags won’t drive your target customers and viewers through the search. 

Also, you may get under a shadowban on Instagram when overusing irrelevant hashtags. For this reason, users can enhance their searchability with precise hashtags, connected to a post. 

B –  No repetition

When you come up with one hashtag set, don’t practice many times. Try to mix the hashtags order. Next, it’s more beneficial to upgrade your collection with new hashtags and put on trial various blends. 

The reason is IG is a smart mechanism that is capable of identifying when you replicate the identical hashtags many times. This strategy decreases your chances of getting to the top and causes shadowbanning. How to make hashtags different?

Search for hashtags every time when you upload different product/image. Also, add location-oriented tags to your mix. The library of Toolzu hashtags holds over 12 mln, and the database eliminates banned tags. 

C – Rare hashtags

When IGers write competitive hashtags that have many posts, their content may never appear in the TOP. Firstly, explore whether posts in the TOP count many likes? If yes, your set must include less competitive hashtags so that the post will stick to the TOP. You don’t need to guess here; automatic Finder sorts the hashtags by the difficulty. 

The Hashtags generator I’ve discovered displays accurate analytics – medium likes amount and time in the feed, just tap on the hashtag and see.  I’ll demonstrate to you the way to combine hashtags in a triumphant proportion when you need all 30. 


Automatic search of hashtags

To begin with, you should sign up – no problem, it takes approx 4 minutes. Go to the generator and watch what I do:

#1 Type my keys

Firstly, think over what photo you will post and what keys can characterize it. Relate your keywords with the principal information. Enter up to 5 key expressions separated with commas. Start to Generate! 

Benefit – you can investigate hashtags practicing various alphabets – Latin, Cyrillic, etc. Additionally, you can manage any language. 

An additional way of research powered with AI technology:

insert a URL leading to an original IG image you posted;

upload a photo and get the tags after scanning. 

#2 Mark the proper hashtags 

Now it’s time to check and copy hashtags related and relevant to your post. The results are organized by groups regarding the difficulty of performing in the TOP. Follow the best proportion:

  • 1-3 hashtags can be High or Difficult. We don’t need many of this category; they are broad, popular, and spammy, which is not good. 
  • 6-10 can be Medium. Those are more specific hashtags but not easy to get featured in the top for a long time. Medium hashtags are rather competitive. 
  • 15-18 should be Low. Most of the combinations are narrow hashtag, less competitive, and more precise. You can climb to the TOP feed. 

#3 Make various sets

As I stated earlier, it’s better to switch tags in blends for more satisfying effects — plan collections of hashtags for the next posts. Mix hashtags and rearrange, add new and delete unnecessary. 

Record the most successful sets in a content plan. But how to determine them?

#4 Measure the analytics

Investigating the IG stats is vital while discovering the most useful mixture. You’ll need this information for forthcoming posts. Can’t see the numbers? Arrange your profile for business – Instagram offers this free of charge. 

In the insights, you can track the number of unique views of your post made from hashtags.



Don’t quit hashtagging if the earliest results were not significant. It requires some practice and experiments to achieve a considerable increase. Remember, new hashtags appear every day, while out-of-date sometimes turn into forbidden. Practice the simple Hashtags Finder to improve and streamline more interested viewers! 

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